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Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Cooking food is considered a common and minor task, which is handled in every household in one way or the other. That is why people ignore learn to cook nor it is recommended to learn or teach on this subject. But if we consider, the greater chapter of our lives is cooking and eating. Ever since the evolution of human life, people have become accustomed to preparing food. As we have accustomed rituals for languages, clothing of different regions, there are rituals accustomed to cooking ass well.

Food is essential for a person to be alive. So, one should definitely enjoy eating it. In order to enjoy food properly, we must first learn to cook with decorum and one should prove their acuteness or severity.

Preparing food is a very huge talent, but it's a pity that they consider the person who prepares it a cook no matter where you go, but he is not considered as an artist. Like other art forms, cooking is also an art that is a metaphor for complete attention and skill.

we consider cooking to be an ancient skill.

The very first skillful person definitely must have been the one who introduced fire to meat and roasted it on fire and by his acuteness, and his abilities forced him to roast meat again and again until the meat became tender enough to be enjoyed.

Where ever in the world you go will meet people who take cooking as a profession for their livelihood? But I think if we cook food with all our skills and acuteness we can come up with tasty and delicious food every time. We often hear it said that if women do not enter the kitchen, there is no right food available. No, men can also cook delicious food with all their skills and abilities. As once told, “One cannot prepare food by mere cost and convenience, but by giving full attention.”

Cooking not only requires hard work, time, and money it needs your complete interest. The more you cook with interest, the more your food prepared will be delicious.

It is a matter of regret that people nowadays prefer eating food from outside than enjoying home-cooked food. When you can order food from the convenience of home, why will one have a mess of cooking at home? Taking such things into consideration has come up with a cooking blog where anybody can learn to cook. In this blog, you will find all the recipes cooked in every household routine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from my region. You can find the videos of the same on my website:

A savvy cook is one who, while preparing a recipe, will first watch it in the process and then try to make that recipe and keep trying again and again until you get that perfect taste and the recipe is perfect.

Don’t you like compliments on your cooking skills, and when your loved ones feel proud and happy and go mad licking fingers and saying nobody can make a meal like you or prepare particular recipes so tasty and perfectly. Then you are praised for your cooking, then you will prepare food with more hard work and more interest than before.

One important thing, the ingredients that is needed to prepare a recipe like the spices should not be bought in larger quantities rather buy them in small quantity freshly whenever needed so that you get maximum flavors from them.

This blog is all about cooking and the recipes from my region straight from my kitchen. All the recipes are prepared daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and also some special delicacies from the region which are very simple and easy to prepare, and delicious to eat.

I will add all these to my website.


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